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Storytelling is an integral part of Indian culture. The Mahabharata is one such story in Indian mythology that remains fascinating no matter how many times it has been narrated or depicted. However, what has remained consistent is the one-dimensional portrayal of women in most of these stories. They are often shown to be weak, submissive and dependent. To make the Mahabharata a story that endures the test of time, it must be made relatable and relevant to the current, 'millennial' generation.
'Oh Nari, So Sanskari!' is a zine that was born out of the need for accurate representation of women in the epic. It is a satirical take on stories of three influential women in the Mahabharata namely, Kunti, Gandhari and Draupadi. By placing them in a modern day context, the zine draws parallels between stereotypes and challenges faced by women in the story and those that surround Indian women today. 
It is also a commentary on the content available for women in magazines. I have tried to understand and re-create stories, articles and advertisements to question the position and role of women in Indian society.

All text and illustrations are original and hand-done.

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