Four legs good, Two legs bad', (name inspired by George Orwell's 'Animal Farm') is a book for children between ages 7-11 created to make them question the use of animals for entertainment, particularly in zoos. It aims to make children both aware and empathetic to other animals and probe whether it is ethical to use them for our viewing pleasure. Using the medium of rhyme poetry, juxtaposed with fun activities and facts, it is an interactive experience that encourages them to question facts and make their own choices. 

All illustrations are hand done in gouache and juxtaposed using digital collaging.

*This book was made as part of a project for Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology
Poems that can be read aloud, sang and enacted. They tell the child a little about the animal and the problem they face in a zoo.
The book deals with 4 animals, each with a unique and dangerous problem due to captivity in the zoo. These are a few spreads of the other animals.
Interactive activities encouraging the children to do their bit to help the animals
'Did you know' page with fun facts about the animals

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