Students usually don't have the healthiest food habits. With tons of work and submissions, it becomes difficult to remember to eat healthy. We often end up skipping meals, especially breakfast which is the most important one.
 'Chop Chop!' is a recipe book designed for the students of Srishti school of Art, Design and Technology. It contains a total of 8 recipes for quick and healthy breakfasts all from local produce available within 100 km radius of the college. Using this book, students can have delicious breakfasts in minutes!
The book is divided into four broad categories so it's easier for the student to make a quick decision based on what produce is readily available. The categories are: Bread, Eggs, Fruit & Yoghurt and Smoothies. Each of these have two recipes to choose from. The book also includes tips and tricks while cooking so it becomes a fun and enjoyable experience!

Two Recipes with bread as the primary ingredient.
Two Recipes with egg as the primary ingredient.
Fruit and Yoghurt
Two Recipes with fruit and yoghurt as the primary ingredients.
Two recipes for healthy smoothies.
Back of the book sleeve showing prices and location of produce within 100 km radius.

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